TV & Radio

TV & Radio in
the 21st Century

Capitol Broadcasting Company is a traditional media powerhouse in the Triangle and in Wilmington, NC. With multiple TV and radio properties in these areas we are able to help businesses reach their audience in other ways besides just digital. Additionally, the same people strategizing and selling digital campaigns can help with TV or Radio, allowing full Omni-Channel campaigns to be run smoothly and efficiently.

What many don’t realize is how well TV, Radio & digital marketing work together. CBC has years of experience in running large and small scale campaigns utilizing multiple mediums, and tracking the results.

Our TV & Radio Properties Include:


NBC Affiliate in Raleigh, NC


Variety Radio in Raleigh, NC


Independent TV Station in Wilmington, NC

FOX 50

Fox Affiliate in Raleigh, NC

99.9 The Fan

Sports Radio in Raleigh, NC

Sunrise Broadcasting

Multiple Radio Stations in Wilmington, NC WAZO, WILT, WKXB, WRMR, WMFD, WKXB-HD3

95.7 FM That Station

Americana Music in Raleigh, NC

The Buzz

Sports Radio in Raleigh, NC

620 The Ticket

Sports Radio in Raleigh, NC

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